All the Excellent Features in the New Audi Q7 Along With a Complete Review!

The Audi virtual cockpit is another exciting feature. It sports a 12.3-inch driver-focused display instead of the conventional instrumental cluster. Things like vehicle speed, engine rpm, infotainment notification and actions, navigation etc. are featured on the new and improved instrument cluster.

The multi-function steering wheel of the Q7 controls this information cluster. The Q7 comes with Auto-Park assist. With the aid of ultrasonic sensors, it searches for a suitable parking spot on the road. This feature tackles parking and tight maneuvers which are shown on the Audi MMI display with the help of visual front and rear audio feedback.

With the help of this system, a complete 360 degree view of the vehicle is provided from different angles. In order to provide consumers with the best aural experience, the Q7 comes with a Bose 3D surround sound experience.

The complete set comes with 19 speakers including a 3D sound speaker, centre speaker and a sub-woofer. There is a 15 channel amplifier which generates spatial sound reproduction which powers the array of Bose loudspeakers and it can be experienced in the front seats as well.

Bose designed this system in a sound-proof environment in order to acquire the maximum level of sound experience.

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