Alien 5: Neill Blomkamp’s Film On Hold, Ridley Scott Renames Prometheus 2!

Alien: Covenant, earlier known as Prometheus 2 will start off with the colony ship Covenant. The ship has discovered a planet in a far off galaxy that they presume to be a paradise. However, it has been assumed that the so-called paradise is actually a dangerous world whose sole survivor is David (Michael Fassbender) who was one of the survivors along with Dr. Elizabeth Shaw.

Movie Pilot has confirmed that the production for Alien: Covenant will begin in February in 2016. This places the shooting date for Alien 5 fall somewhere around 2017 if Ridley Scott can wrap up on Alien: Covenant.

Ridley Scott has been a busy man so far. He finished The Martian and is now focusing on Prometheus 2. Ridley Scott has always been forthcoming about scoops from the movie he is working on. He has revealed that the next two films from the Prometheus franchise are going to take the fans back to Alien.

Alien had asked a very pertinent question and Prometheus will try and answer. It will find the answer to how LV-426 had crashed with the alien eggs thus creating all the problems for Lt. Ellen Ripley.

Scott seems to be back in form with his sci-fi. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Alien 5.