Agents Of SHIELD Season 3: Plot Focusing On Inhumans, New Villain Introduced, Changes In Cast, More Details

This gives the viewers enough hints to understand that Lash in Agent of SHIELD Season 3 is going to have the power to draw in energy and then wield it out into the surroundings and vaporize humans around him.

With Lash being introduced with the Inhuman plot in Agent of SHIELD Season 3 might indicate that the television series is ready to explore more of the world that is there in the comic book version of this Marvel tale.

Inhumans and Lash haven’t had a very good history, since Lash comes from a society where he has been shunned by the mainstream Inhuman population. Even the Queen Medusa, the queen of the Inhumans shuns him and has defeated him.

With Lashing entering Earth in order to teach the Inhumans a lesson, Marvel has a tough game at hand. They not only have to safeguard the Inhumans from this new villain, but also protect the human civilization at large from this monster.

There have been some changes in the cast for Agents of SHIELD Season 3. Agent Mack (Henry Simmons) has been made a series regular. The popular agent was a large part of season 2, but now fans are assured that he is going to be there for every season of Agents of SHIELD.

Luke Mitchell, who has become Inhuman Lincoln Campbell with a power to wield energy, is also going to be a series regular. This move has given a clear indication that the show is focusing on the Inhuman plot this season.

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