Agents Of SHIELD Season 3: Plot Focusing On Inhumans, New Villain Introduced, Changes In Cast, More Details

At the end of Agent of SHIELD Season 2, we saw that Grant Ward has decided to takeover HYDRA. Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD is going to pick from exactly there and show the viewers what Grant has been up to ever since he took charge of the organization.

Season 2 was a great one with some of the most exciting things happening. Agent of SHIELD Season 2 dealt greatly with Skye/ Daisy’s struggle to come to terms with her Inhuman powers and with Terrigen, a material that creates Inhuman released into the ocean, there was enough hint that the next season is going to largely focus on these powered humans.

The first episode came on 29th September on ABC and showed Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg), the director of SHIELD and agent Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) searching for powered people all over the world.

The SHIELD is in search for powered people since the epic battle that they fought with Jiaying and her large army comprising of Inhumans. While on their mission to find out powered people, Coulson and Johnson realize that the SHIELD isn’t the only one who is in such a mission, there are others looking for the same.

While there were organizations looking for the Inhumans, Agents of SHIELD Season 3 brought in a new villain in the very first episode. Looking like a cross between the Na’vi from Avatar and professional wrestler, the man seems to be after the Inhumans because he asks a security guard if he knows where he can find them and upon not getting favorable response zaps a hole in his chest.

The episode shows that there are large number of Inhumans who have been killed with this man and SHIELD does have a tough new challenge in their hands. While the Agents of SHIELD Season 3 did not dwell much on the story of this villain, fans of the Marvel comic book will tell you more about it.

According to the comic books, his name is lash and the Agents of SHIELD are going to fight him soon in the latest season. Even though Lash is also an Inhuman, he feels that he is the leader and the law for the group.

Although the world of Marvel comics and the television series is very different, Lash’s character is significant enough for Marvel to want to share his story with the viewers. In the book, it is found out that Lash is from the city of Inhuman called Orollan and he comes to Earth to see how the Terrigensis, or the Inhuman’s who have been created by the Terrigen bomb survive the process.

The transformation into Inhuman is a tough process and humans who don’t have enough Inhuman DNA will die in the process. This is seen as a test for Lash and picks out some Inhumans who he perceives as more powerful than the others.

The Lash that we encounter in Agents of SHIELD Season 3 seems to have powers similar to that in the comic book. When we first see him on the television series, the lights in the hospital flicker around him and he also survives the attack from two Inhumans.