Details Regarding the 2015 Toyota HiLux Black Edition Surface as Renderings of the 2016 Toyota HiLux is Leaked Online!

In other news, spy images of what seems to be the 2016 Toyota HiLux have started doing the rounds. Images revealing the exterior and interior of the vehicle have been leaked onto the internet, although, we have no official word from Toyota proving the authenticity of these images.

However, judging from the images, the vehicle resembles the HiLux family and could be the upcoming vehicle. However, there is a pretty decent chance of it being the handiwork of a professional artist.

The interior has a modern feel to it and is stocked with a range of standard equipments. The dashboard deserves special credit as Toyota seems to be diminishing the differences between passenger sedans and pickup trucks with each passing year. On the outside, we have sleeker headlamps along with incorporated LED DRL, which lends an aggressive feel to the ride.

Initial speculations suggest that the company is looking forward to introducing at least four drive train options on the 2016 variant, including a 2.4-liter turbocharged diesel block displacing 148 BHP, two 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel blocks displacing 165 BHP and 175 BHP respectively and a 2.7-liter four-cylinder naturally-aspirated petrol engine displacing 164 BHP. All engine blocks will be offered with manual and automatic transmission systems.

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