Absolutely Fabulous Receives Generally Positive Reviews, Joanna Lumley Has Fun Kissing John Hamm, Sequel Possible

Saunder’s point made in the Australian premier about the present society being too thin-skinned owing to pressures to remain politically correct, and because of social media, is valid to an extent. However it may nevertheless end up undermining some sensitive issues, for example the naming of a fashion designer HukiMuki.

In the Australian premiere of Absolutely Fabulous, Lumley said that it was hilarious when she had to prepare for the they-surely-made-out appearance with Mad Man actor John Hamm, who plays himself in the movie, and whose virginity was taken away by Patsy when he was just 15.

In fact, the highest point of this film is the performances of the five leading women and the chemistry between the two leads. Patsy was inspired by a friend of Saunders’, Harriet Thorpe, who stars in the film as Fleur. Saunders jokingly said there might be a sequel if they remain alive.

In other news is the appearance of Australian Instagram star Kurt Coleman, 19, who wowed everyone with his rainbow sequined jacket which he wore over a white T-Shirt and a pair of ankle-folded ripped skinny jeans of the same color.

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