A Review of the Latest Audi Q7, New Ad Suggests That the Latest from Audi Might Scare off the Yeti

The 2016 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI 218 offers a lot of room. It will be heavenly for front-seat opponents no matter how tall they might be and there is also little danger of ever clashing elbows. There is plenty of adjustment available for both the seats and steering wheel. It comes with plenty of adjustment; therefore comfort is not an issue at all.

The seats are wide and generally comfortable even though they are a little firm in nature. You get part-leather and part-Alcantara seats in the S-Line models as standard option and furthermore, optional full leather will cost you 1100 pounds extra. Soft-touch plastics, high-quality metal trims and well-damped controls are all present in the new Audi Q7.

With statements like ‘agile like a lynx’ and ‘quick as an avalanche’ probably indicates that the latest generation Audi Q7 is the Yeti’s worst possible enemy. This is exactly what the automaker wants you to believe.

The latest unique commercial from Audi is set in the coldest and snowiest conditions in the US while the latest revolved around a group of local villagers. The villagers claimed that one animal managed to scare off the Yeti, which is a mysterious beast that has been claimed to be a part of the Himalayas.

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