A Review of the Latest Audi Q7, New Ad Suggests That the Latest from Audi Might Scare off the Yeti

The latest generation Audi Q7 is available with more technology than ever before and presently, it seems like the automaker’s goal is to stay at the forefront of the luxury SUV segment. There have been a lot of bespoke touches received by one particular example from Audi Exclusive, which is the company’s customization department.

For starters, this large SUV has been painted in a special shade of Nardo Grey and furthermore, it is adorned with a gloss black front grille and black skid plate. There are other black elements on the Q7 like the underside of the wing mirrors, the roof rails and a stripe at the bottom of the doors.

There is also a set of grey five twin-spoke wheels in order to properly complete the exterior. There is Valcona Leather on the cabin which comes finished in both black and beige. The door cards feature Audi Exclusive badging and the custom interior parts are further wrapped up by a number of aluminum and wooden accents.

The particular Q7 has been created in France. In Europe, it is offered with 268HP along with 442.5 lb-ft 3.0-liter diesel and a 328 hp 3.0-liter supercharged petrol engine.

Thanks to the blend of practicality, plushness and performance, Audi Q7 is a really breathtaking SUV. The 268bhp version of the 3.0-litre turbo diesel V6 had an engine that proved to be quite powerful but at the same time, it was thirstier than the smaller-engine Volvo XC90. With its performance figures, the 215hp Q7 can put a lot of hot hatches to shame.

With this car, you can make slight improvements on the emission and economy figures and at the same time, you can save 3000 pounds as well. It emits 150g/km of CO2, and comes with a claimed average of 48.7 mpg. The engine is also available with SE and S line trims and you can add further expensive options as you see fit.

The Q7 was never slow and recently Audi claimed that the latest car will cover 0-62mph in a matter of 7.3 seconds and furthermore, it will have a top speed of 134mph. Now these figures are not really important for most people and for them, the Audi is highly refined and impressively flexible in nature.

Once you start the Q7, you won’t notice the gruffness and clutter you get from other diesels. Moreover, the engine stays quite smooth unless you are really bothered about all of its performance. When the rev counter passes 3000 rpm, it can start to sound a little strained but it is quite rare and you will need to push it really hard.

The engine can shuffle up to the highest possible ratio with the help of a standard eight-speed automatic gearbox. Therefore, even at motorway speeds, this enables the engine to spin well below 2000rpm. This is quite ideal for long distance driving as well.

It comes with adaptive air suspension that allows you to raise or lower the ride height and furthermore, the firmness can be adjusted easily.

At speed, the worst bumps can be easily soaked up with the Comfort mode. However, with the soft suspension setup, the body control can be quite poor while performing sharp and fast cornering.

The car lowers and stiffens up when you flick through to Dynamic Mode. The body control is improved greatly but this also means that you feel a lot more of the road’s surface. It comes with less roll and the car is distinctively keener about turning in on corners. This doesn’t really make the car really fun to drive.