A Look at The Dual-Camera LG G5, Two Add-On Features Unveiled for The Device!

After sliding off the lower bezel, users can replace it with a number of alternative couplings. These alternative couplings are actually the Friends that was mentioned above in the report. They have been termed such by LG itself.

Till date, LG has introduced two Friends and they are the Cam Plus and the Hi-Fi Plus which comes with B&O Play.

The Cam Plus add-on brings forth a dedicated shutter button to the device. Also included in it is a zoom-dial and a hand grip. The battery on this add-on is larger and more powerful compared to the normal one, the increased potency of the battery will ensure that users are able to indulge in photo sessions for a longer period of time.

The Hi-Fi Plus add-on brings about a support for high-fidelity audio into the device. Also included is a headphone amp from Bang and Olufsen.

Users can expect that LG will roll out more Friends for the device in the future which might include add-ons like better speakers, bigger camera, etc.

It was reported that the LG G5 is currently available for purchase in Canada. A number of carriers- MTS, Rogers, Bell, Eastlink, Fido, SaskTel, TELUS, WIND Mobile and Videotron are currently selling the device in Canada.

Stay tuned for more update on LG G5.