A Complete Review of the Sims 4: Get Together, Latest Features Include Clubs and Controlling Groups of Sims!

Rest assured, there will be loads of new DLCs coming your way. The Sims series comes with its ridiculous pricing schemes but even then, it manages to convince a lot of Sims players to purchase them, thereby making it one of the all-time best selling series in video games. Here are some of the features of the latest expansion pack:-

  • Two new traits: Insider and Dance Machine
  • A new town: Windenburg which comes with the Chalet Gardens, the Bluffs, and Ancient Ruins
  • 300+ Build/Buy mode objects
  • A new aspiration: Leader of the Pack
  • Two new skill lines: Dance & DJ
  • Over 120 Create a Sim items
  • Bar nights & happy hour (Ghost, Knight, Ladies, Singles, Guys nights. Alien and Bear nights if you have Get to Work and Outdoor Retreat as well)
  • New food and drinks, walk-in closets, DJ Booths, Dance Floors, Arcade machines, Dartboards, Foosball
  • Clubs that can be created and joined
  • The Nude outfit

When it comes to Clubs, Sims can be a member of multiple clubs and these Clubs can also include a player’s own creation along with the AI Sims which exists in a certain community.

When you create a club that is primarily focused on Woo-Hooing and drinking, expect the Sims to spend a lot of time in the bar and woo-hoo in the bushes.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Sims 4!