A Complete Review of the Sims 4: Get Together, Latest Features Include Clubs and Controlling Groups of Sims!

The Sims 4 was met with a lot of disappointment when it released last year as most fans thought that this was a step back for the Sims series. According to the complaints, Sims 4 was a game which removed the complexity and the seamless open-world feature of its immediate predecessor, The Sims 3.

People thought of it as a watered-down version of The Sims 3 and that it went back to the basics of which were seen in the earliest games of this franchise. After a year from its initial launch, the content of Sims 4 was extended with two major expansions along with several decent updates.

Players were able to follow their Sims through a typical workday at the police station/bookshop/hospital and others, depending on the profession that was chosen for the Sims. This feature was introduced with the first of its expansions, named Get to Work.

Meanwhile, the second major expansion, The Sims 4: Get Together has been recently released and this comes with a whole new level of gameplay mechanic added to Sims 4.This includes the ability to join and form clubs.

However, right from the beginning, you will notice that the most important addition of this expansion is the brand new world of Windenburg.

This new expansion pack is quite different from the others since this time; you can create and play with groups of Sims. The new expansion pack is now available for PC and Mac in Northern America.

The beautiful European-inspired world of Windenburg can be explored by players and they can also go around and find or create new Clubs.

At the same time, they can bring together various Sims in order to have fun at various locations. Keep in mind that the Sims comes with distinct styles, personalities, and preferences.

You may not find the perfect club for your Sim, but you can focus on creating and customizing your own Clubs and then play in any possible way that you want to.

Recently, “The Sims 4” senior producer, Lyndsay Pearson discussed certain details regarding the new expansion pack, as reported by Cinema Blend. With the latest introduction of the Clubs, the new expansion pack tells us of a new way to play with life.

Pearson revealed that this is the first time when players can control entire groups of Sims and moreover, Sims can be brought together to participate in completely new group activities.

Furthermore, the addition of Clubs also affects the way in which Gamers control their Sims. With this change, a whole new aspect is added to The Sims 4. Depending upon the place, gamers can find a completely new world that is filled with various scenic locations through which players can explore and discover new stuff.

The Von Haunt Estate has a vast maze in which gamers can have fun getting lost in. The Bluffs will include amazing pools and there will be mysterious ancient ruins which players can explore.

The Sims can also improve their Dancing and DJ skills. Through these features, Sims can explore a whole new world and start socializing in various new hangout spots and brand new venues.

The Sims 4 was released in 2014 and since then this game has seen the inclusion of two game packs, two new expansion packs along with four stuff packs. If you have purchased every piece of downloadable content available for The Sims 4, which includes the digital deluxe version, you should have spent around $230 on the game so far.