A Complete Review of the Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet, New Firmware Update Released by the Company!

With the new addition, your eyes will be focused on the center of the page while words are brought to where your eyes really are. In case of difficult words, paragraph breaks and punctuations, Word Runner will slow down. You need to save the appropriate.bin file for your tablet model and copy it into the internal storage of the unit in order to benefit from these improvements.

Compared to the Amazon Fire HD 10, if you want a better well-rounded package, you should go for iPad Air 2 but keep in mind that you will have to shell out a bit more cash. At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 remains unparalleled in terms of multitasking.

Both these tablets come with better design and screens which are quite superior to the Fire HD 10. Meanwhile, the Fire HD 10 is a better option in case you are looking for a quick Amazon content fix. You can also decide to buy the upcoming $50 Amazon Fire tablet. The slow processor and the low resolution make the Fire HD 10 a poor offering.

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