5SOS Asks Fans To Exercise Their Right To Vote, Luke Hemmings Believes In Vote, Celebrates 20th Birthday With Arzaylea!

The fans had taken to spreading rumors about her and slandering her name in the public. Both Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea have repeatedly urged the fans to stop spreading negativity about Arzaylea.

According to Inquisitr Arzaylea has said that Luke Hemmings’ fans wanted to make him appear like a horrible person, whereas she is just a regular girl who happens to date a famous musician.

The fandom hasn’t stopped spreading rumors about Arzaylea cheating on Luke Hemmings, but the couple has remained completely unfazed. There were reports of Arzaylea sleeping with John Waugh, who happens to be the sideman of 1975 and then there were rumors that Luke Hemmings had finally broken up with Arzaylea since there were photos of him out with another girl, where there was no sign of anything romantic between them.

Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea have decided not to pay any attention to the breakup and cheating rumors doing the rounds. The two are happy together, and that is what matters. They have continued to share the most adorable couple photos on Instagram that have given rise to couple photo goals on the social media.

The couple even celebrated Luke Hemmings’ 20th birthday together in Toronto. They were spotted out on the streets. In spite of reports stating that the fans do not like Arzaylea accompanying the band on their tour, Luke Hemmings has made sure that Arzaylea was with him while 5 Seconds of Summer toured Canada and New England.

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