2016 MacBook Pro Accidentally Revealed by Apple, 2016 MacBook Air and Pro Likely to Release Within a Few Months of Each Other!

Apple fans witnessed Jony Ive’s design studio for the first time in an interview segment of “60 Minutes” on CBS with Bruce Sewell. The vigilant fans out there immediately witnessed a MacBook placed on a desk behind Bruce Sewell.

It seems like the company didn’t intend to have it revealed. According to speculations from Cult of Mac, the MacBook which was seen on the background could end up being the new 15-inch 2016 Apple MacBook Pro.

The MacBook which was displayed behind Bruce Sewell showed a 12-inch MacBook with a larger sized display. It also looks thinner than the 15-inch MacBook. The device came with a thinner bezel margin and at the same time, sported a Saturn Wallpaper and the company has been using this for promotion.

Keep in mind that this rumored product was rather out of focus and it could simply be the space grey variant of the 12-inch MacBook Pro which is presently available in stores. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that Apple would simply keep the prototype of an unreleased product just lying around like that.

There were present-generations Apple products ranging from AirPort Express to Mac Pro, featured in the entire conference. There are many rumors regarding upcoming products from Apple but the company is really mysterious about revealing the exact date of launch of the upcoming MacBooks.

The latest reports have suggested that the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro will be released in the second half of 2016. According to Gospel Herald, a lot of new Apple products will be revealed at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference to be held in June 2016. At the same time, the older MacBook models are presently being sold at lower prices.

The strategy of maintaining a gap of few months between the 15inch MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro is a strategy that has been adopted by Apple and it was clearly evident this year.

According to Christian Today, the company will first reveal the 2016 MacBook Air followed by 2016 Apple MacBook Pro. Fans are expecting that in terms of design, the upcoming products from Apple will feature radical changes in design. There will also be major internal upgrades in the 2016 MacBook.

It was only supposed to be a sneak peek into the ways of Apple’s research and development. However, things changed when fans spotted something that they shouldn’t have. Eagle-eyed fans spotted the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 and it was a treat for most fans.

Last March, it was announced by Apple that a brand new MacBookwill be released, featuring a new Retina Display. The latest reports indicate that this new laptop will be released sometime in March. Considering the pattern of Apple releasing their MacBooks in the spring season, this is definitely a major possibility.

Meanwhile, according to the reports that have been shared online, the thinner 15inch variant will release during WWDC and this is supposed to take place in June. We all know that Apple products face a lot of discussions, speculations and rumors before its release.

This is always seen in the case of iPhones. Whenever there is news of iPhones about to release, fans start producing their own images and renditions of the upcoming iPhones.

Apple products are always hyped to a great extent and the recent revelation of a possible new 2016 Apple MacBook Pro has further fired up a fresh batch of speculations. The release date of this device is totally unclear but it is being expected that 2016 Apple MacBook Pro will include major hardware changes.

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