2016 Chevrolet Camaro: Release Date, Price and Features Revealed, Production Shifts from Oshawa to Lansing, More Details

However, after the release of the 4th generation Camaro in the U.S, this car was manufactured in Canada.It seems that this will end soon, when the last Chevrolet Camaro rolls of GM’s Canadian Assembly Line, located in Oshawa, Ontario on 20th November. The upcoming 2016 Chevrolet Camaro that goes on sale will be produced in a GM plant in Lansing, Michigan.

This shift is being considered to be a part of the $5.4billion package of investments, which General Motors has slated for its U.S operations in the coming three years. Last week, GM said that it would invest $175 million to upgrade its Lansing plant in order to start producing the new Camaro.

Scott Whybrew, GM’s Manager of North American Manufacturing declared that with this investment, they will continue to work on the high reputation of this iconic American Muscle Car.