2016 Apple MacBook Pro: Rumored to Feature Stellar Specifications Although No Official Release Date Announced, More Information

The original MacBook Air had some issues and Apple has been trying a lot to change and update them over time. Therefore, Apple is poised to make a major impact on the market with the release of 2016 Apple MacBook Pro.

It will come with various improvements like that of a slimmer profile, features like that of Force Touch, nicely packed and powerful hardware, compared to the size of this wonderful model.

The device should have the capability of handling any kind of complex tasks in an easy manner and according to present rumors; Apple has placed a lot of effort into making this a powerful device in spite of the fact that it is quite small and immensely portable. Furthermore, this model is headed to the market much sooner than people have been expecting.

Meanwhile, it is being expected that with the Skylake processor running under the hood, the performance level of this device will be significantly off the charts along with a 10% upsurge in CPU speeds besides a 34% upsurge as much as Intel HD Graphics is concerned.

Furthermore, the battery life of this device will be enhanced and it will have a Type-C USB port while running on Mac OS X. The Pro 2016 version will further mirror the MacBook Air version and with more RAM, this device will be a winner.

No pricing an update have been revealed yet but with talks of such exciting features and stellar specifications, people are definitely quite excited about this upcoming device.

Microsoft made a powerful statement with the Surface Pro 4 and according to me; Apple needs to strike as well. Fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of this device and it is expected to take place this month but let’s not be too optimistic about it.

Stay tuned for more updates of 2016 Apple MacBook Pro!