12 New Vehicles to Be Released in GTA 5 Online Lowlife DLC, Heists 2X RP and 2X Payout Continue, More Details

In other news, a renowned GTA 5 Tipster, Mr.BossFTW recently shared a video which includes a lot of confirmations made by Rockstar so far. These are:-

  • Double GTA money and Double RPs to be introduced in the upcoming Heist missions.
  • Earlier, Rockstar promised that the PS4 and Xbox One will be getting the Rockstar Editor while playing GTA V. They said that the Editor will be released whenever it is ready or during summer. However, till now, a release date hasn’t been announced.
  • Rockstar earlier promised that it will bring some great DLC content, tailor-made for the Creator Community. One of the prime features will include the presence of Stunt races. As a result, we should expect a Stunts DLC or a Stunts Academy coming soon. However, even here, no particulars were disclosed and only a ‘future update’ was mentioned.
  • During the Q&A sessions, Rockstar further commented that more ‘cool updates’ will be heading our way.

The best part of GTA Online is the amazing Heist missions. These missions need a little tactful handling and with the help of some tips, you can easily get through them with ease. Head over to IGN, and you can check out some amazing videos, showing you how to successfully go through these missions.

The Fleece job is a tutorial mission but the tips will come in handy. The Prison Heist is one of the best missions and this will challenge you as a team. After a brief assault on your group, you will need to break up during the Humane Labs mission. You should bring a helicopter to the Series A Job mission and get ready for a big fat payday in The Pacific Standard Heist.

Stay tuned for more updates on GTA 5!

20 thoughts on “12 New Vehicles to Be Released in GTA 5 Online Lowlife DLC, Heists 2X RP and 2X Payout Continue, More Details”

  1. I’m about tired of this s**t. We’ve been waiting for a story DLC for a long ime now and hey just keep releasing Online shit which nobody even plays anymore

  2. John, no body plays story mode anymore!
    There are much more people who play online, thye percetage is about 17%(story mode) and 83% (online)

  3. You don’t play doesnt mean everyone doesn’t play. I enjoy a good single player game as much as the next guy but online is where all the fun is at. Also the story in the game has ended, what more is there to add to the plot.

  4. Can we get a BIKER DLC already MC crews are EVERYWHERE we want kuttes,bandanas ,chaps,bikes and a way to rotate and place the crew emblem

  5. For main story content, they would need to hire all three the voice actors again. That costs a lot of money while only so many players would enjoy it. Online content is repeatable and has thus far more longevity. It’s a better investment for R* to make Online content from now on and to only port content to story mode when applicable, such as new vehicles or weapons.

  6. i agree with john im already bored with online and i want extras on story mode like new comebacks etc

  7. Online is boring, no real DLC has come to this 2 year old game. What a pity of a waste of a huge open world???? I would be happy if Rock star remastered San Andreas for the Xbox one and ps4.. A real paid doc would be nice. There nothing to do. Shits got old real qucky.

  8. I hate this game it causes violence in our youngins and it should be banned in all countries!!!!!!!!

  9. It seems like this is a muscle car or cars from back in the day update. Hopefully they’ll add a import cars update.

  10. I like gta 5 online it’s fun. But it’s NOT for kids. if you don’t like it then DO NOT buy it

  11. how do you figure those three have been working for r* and still are they could easily add things to story mode like new missions and content i dont remember the last time clothes were added offline besides gta V is their biggest selling game on the shelf since S.A.D r* has made steady millions so we need more offline

  12. I think they should add more hair options. Chief keef dreads are getting old i want it longer. And how about OG shirts and more gang attire.

  13. Shawn Fonteno (Franklin) and Ned Luke (Michael) are no longer working for Rockstar. Steven Ogg (Trevor) is the only one who stayed after the story was wrapped up, to help with the Online missions and Heists. Sara is correct, they’d have to re-hire two of the three and only a select group of players would even enjoy more story content. The majority of players are heavily involved in GTA Online. So that’s the content you’re going to get, AND it’s free. So suck it up, sourpuss, and play the game.

  14. to all these people saying that nobody plays story mode your talking out of your rear end there is thousands of people who play story mode, the reason they play is because maybe some of us dont have the money for an online account so we have a silver account and have to play story mode.

  15. I love GTA Online ….
    But also Hiest take forever waiting and too many jump out 🙁
    Also I love my classics.
    More long woman hair options would be great.

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