Yik Yak App goes viral

The Yik Yak app is getting popular among teenagers and it is immensely popular in universities. There have been unsuccessful attempts of the American government to ban the app. The app can be easily installed on any Android or iPhone and you are ready to get started.How does Yik Yak Work?

This Yik Yak App lets you post anonymous messages and you will be able to interact with people within your ten-mile radius. There is no such feature where you can filter a topic or follow someone else’s profile, the location is the only way that you can see other people’s messages.You can even view messages in other locations, like other universities by just selecting that university location.This app brings in an entirely new concept where you do not know who the person is actually posting messages since it is all anonymous. This gives people the freedom to post anything that pops up in their head.

The messages depend on your location and it is found that if you are in places like a university you would receive many messages and in other cases the frequency can be less.You get to upvote local comments and that is one of the main reasons why we find people love posting constantly on the app. Most of the times the messages are about being drunk or hungover and when people upvote these messages it gives a validation. This can be one of the major reasons why many people enjoy posting on the app.Apart from the hangovers and dorm life posts, the app does get filled with interesting one liners and could give away some useful information about a nearby traffic jam or a protest that is going on.With all the fun and jokes aside, there have been cases where people post really mean and abusive comments on Yik Yak.

There have been death threats and other posts as well where the police have arrested the guilty even though the post was anonymous, the app developers cooperated with the law enforcement in the country.It is a place where you could easily get bullied since you never know the person who is texting and it easily hurt someone emotionally. For the same reasons it has been blocked in middle school and high schools. Parents can use this app to track down about their kids and that is really not a scene anyone would ask for. This app does look promising but with the downsides , it is difficult to predict if it would make it big like the other social media sites.