Wonder Woman to Release Sooner Than Expected, Cast Spotted Filming in Italy!

Another group was also spotted along with the armor-clad women. However, the members of this group appeared to be wielding guns and they were about to go up against the group of women on horsebacks and feet.

Reports suggest that the sequence is actually centered around Paradise Island which is the birthplace of Wonder Woman. The group of soldiers with guns appears to be the Axis forces. The Amazonians headed by Princess Diana/Wonder Woman seem to be under attack from the Axis forces and thus they are forced to wage a battle against them in order to protect their homeland.

Lynda Carter who portrayed the character of Wonder Woman on TV from 1975 to 1979 recently came forward with her views regarding the new Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot. While talking about the matter she stated- “I think it’s time. It’s cool, it’s very cool. It just adds to the charm and the legend.”

She also added that she felt that it was great that Gal Gadot is playing to role of Wonder Woman. She is of the opinion that the Gadot will be able to freshen up the character and make it significant once again.

Stay tuned for more update on Wonder Woman.