Why Selena Gomez Is Seeking Professional Help

music career, and by so doing put a hold on the international leg of her Revival tour. She took this break at this time because she has been struggling with lupus, for which the pop star and actress was diagnosed about a year ago. The illness has been the cause of anxiety, panic attack and depression for her.

This was not the first time she actually took a break from music; in 2012 she decided to

Selena Gomez

take a break from music to face her film career.  In that space of time she starred in the animated film Hotel Transylvania and some other movies before coming back to release a solo album named Stars

Dance in July 2013.

While on break from her music career the pop star has been going for professional treatment. A number of people have actually stated that she has been seen visiting a treatment facility in Tennessee. It is also said that she has been getting help on how to manage the health issues she is having as a result of the lupus diagnosis.

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