Vikings: Alyssa Sutherland Reveals Secrets, Move From Paganism To Christianity!

Floki has been humiliated and tortured in custody by Bjorn who believes that Floki had made a mistake and he will have to face the consequences of it. Ragnar ultimately decides to punish him for the crime he had committed.

The clash of religion and politics in very common in Vikings. The series traces how the Nordic warriors slowly gave up on paganism and embraced Christianity. The transition wasn’t an easy one, but a progress is visible since Season 3.

In Season 3 of Vikings, Aslaug orders a missionary to be killed because he was preaching against the false gods. From there, to Floki being put to trial for killing a Christian, it’s been a long journey.

Ragnar isn’t happy with the way Bjorn has handled the situation and the rift between father and son forces Bjorn to take a decision to head to the wild and prove his father that he is able enough to take care of himself. Bjorn is the next in line to the throne and with over-reaching parents who don’t consider him worthy enough, Bjorn has to struggle hard to make his worth known.

The images that have been revealed way back in the San Diego Comic-Con in 2015 shows that Bjorn will encounter a nine feet tall bear in the wilderness and will have to fight with it for survival.

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