Upcoming GTA 5 Online DLC Includes New Halloween T-Shirts, Personalized Vehicles and Bobbleheads, More Details

A lot of interesting specific details regarding the upcoming Halloween DLC for GTA 5 Online were revealed by DomisLive. In his video, there are a lot of personalized cars, useful and powerful guns showcased, along with some cool new Halloween Tees as well.

The Lurcher and BType automobiles have been revealed and this includes grandpa’s corpse lying on the back seat. According to Dom, the BType is basically a combo between the Hot Knife and the Roosevelt car.

Keep in mind that these are the ones available in the game and not the real life ones. The BType will be available for a price of $540,000 while the Lurcher will cost $666,000 when they roll out with the Halloween DLC.

Meanwhile, another leak suggests that there will be a transportable flashlight which will be helpful when there is a City Blackout and it can be used well in the Adversary mode as well. Furthermore, you can also expect the T-shirts to roll out with the Halloween DLC. One of the T-Shirts is Butchery which shows a machete with blood all over it.

Another one named Knife After Dark shows a scary image of a man holding a knife.  Meanwhile, in the Twilight Knife, you will notice a white T-shirt that has blood spread all over it. The Vampires on the Beach T-shirt has Vamps partying on the beach on All Hallows Eve.

The Meathook For Mommy is a graphical T-shirt which contains Halloween-themed illustrations. You will notice a red colored pumpkin figure in the scary representation of Halloween themes, presented in the Cannibal Clown T-shirt.

A basic printed tee with additional Halloween illustrations is featured on the Zombie Liberals T-shirt. In the gruesome Splatter and Shot T-shirt, there is a zombie head featuring a bullet hole and blood running down his face.

Meanwhile, renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW has revealed some interesting details regarding the upcoming Halloween DLC. These include the speed test of DLC vehicles, latest interior car upgrades and some impressive scary sound upgrades for your car’s horns.

Your vehicles will feature some interesting upgrades as shown in the latest video by Ross. These include new horn sounds, bobble heads and a lot of more things to be duly explored. There’s only a couple of days left before Halloween and it’s high time you started looking into the possible upgrades and new details that will emerge with the upcoming Halloween DLC.

According to Ross, the Franken Stange, and the Lurcher, two new upcoming DLC cars, were placed in a speed test via a sprint race and both cars featured complete custom upgrades installed onboard.

Compared to the Stange, it was determined that the Lurcher has slightly slower acceleration but at the same time, the latter enjoys greater top speed over the former. However, when you put them together in an actual scenario, both of these cars will run neck-to-neck with hardly any difference between each other.

The players need to constantly compromise on speed while taking sharp turns, so as to avoid any kind of obstacles by reducing the acceleration. Keep in mind that neither of these cars has been built for drag or circuit type races.

They are basically designed to take part in Freemode events or various jobs created by Rockstar. There is a new set of bobbleheads that can be placed as interior upgrades on these cars. Ross revealed a screenshot, showing a full selection of bobbleheads with a maximum three-color choice for each set.

Some of the prominent bobbleheads include various basketball players, baseball players, and zombies, crazy witch ladies along with Dracula and chainsaw warriors.