Two New DLCs To Be Made Available For Dark Souls 3, Anticipated Release Date Set For August, More News And Updates

The company is still working on the first expansion pack. However, some of the things that fans can expect content-wise is that it builds off of the former titles. It will be presenting a new area, new enemies, gear, and story. The story of the game shall revolve around a new location which might offer a different feel from Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3 has been the fastest selling title of the game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment. Thanks to the combination of appealing graphics and an enticing and gripping story-line, the franchise has acquired itself a sort of cult following.

Dark Souls 3 the game is set in an alternate reality, where there exists forces of darkness and evil, and the land in its entirety is controlled by the forces of darkness. Hence, the news of the upcoming DLCs must be soothing to the ears of enthusiasts of the game, as this is the final installment of the Dark Souls franchise. So fans get to keep enjoying their favorite games thanks to these expansions and DLCs which will be systematically made available by the developers.

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