Transformers 5: Blue-Print Has Two Plots, Bay Not Yet Confirmed, LaBeouf Says No, And More Information

Michael Bay had refused to be a part of Transformers: Age of Extinction as well, but he has ultimately come back to take the seat and steer the film towards becoming one of the most successful franchise ever.

It is no doubt that Paramount Pictures wants Michael Bay so badly to be a part of Transformers 5. All the previous films that he has directed, from the franchise, has gone off to become super hits and he has been credited for being the creative force for the films.

Deadline Hollywood has reported that Akiva Goldsman and his team of writers have presented the blue-print for the plot of Transformers 5 to Steven Spielberg and the other producers. They are hoping that Spielberg and Bay will be able to reach an agreement that will give them the go-ahead to start their work on the script.

The cast for the film hasn’t been confirmed yet. Mark Wahlberg has, however, confirmed his presence in Transformers 5. There were rumors that Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf are going to be a part of the film as well, but Shia LaBeouf has told Franchise Herald that he isn’t coming back for another Transformers.

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