Trailer of Last Days in The Desert Released, Director Makes It Clear That the Film Is Not a Religious One!

The new trailer for the upcoming film Last Days in the Desert is out and it stars Ewan McGregor as both the good and the evil. The film will see Ewan McGregor play the role of Jesus and will follow him for the 40 days of fasting that Jesus spent in the desert.

According to The Bible Jesus spent 40 days in the desert while fasting and praying. When he was on his way out of the place, he had to deal with Satan over the fate of family that was in crisis. The situation places Jesus for an unbearable test that is distinctly human in its features.

As Christian Post has reported, the trailer addresses Jesus as a holy man and sees him being taunted by a seductress and then tormented by a pack of wolves. The trailer then shows Satan, who is also played by Ewan McGregor, interacting with a family that is in trouble.

The viewers will also see that a person walking alongside Jesus tells him that there will be opportunities in life that will help him identify himself for what he is.

Based loosely on Matthew 4:1-11, it deals with Jesus and the time that he spent in the wilderness. There are chapters in Matthew on which Last Days in the Desert is based. However, the film is based on a lot of imagined situations and doesn’t follow the ambit of the Bible completely.

While talking about Last Days in the Desert, Ewan McGregor had said that the film isn’t one based on a Biblical story. It is derived from an incident in the Bible, but it narrates the tale of a father and a son, with God and Jesus being the ultimate father and son.

Ewan McGregor is one who is known for playing challenging roles. The viewers have seen him in challenging roles like the heroin addict in Trainspotting and also in Moulin Rouge, now they will see him play the daunting role of both Jesus and Satan in Last Days in the Desert.

Rodrigo Garcia, the director of the film has made it very clear that Last Days in the Desert is not a religious film. It might revolve around a religious prophet, but it is completely secular when it comes to dealing with the storyline in the film.

There is a general tendency to think that films that are based on religious figures are going to be a drab, but the trailer of Last Days in the Desert is anything, but that.

There is a sudden craze for religious films. Gods Not Dead 2 is the other film that is currently on the radar of the critics and it deals with the religious discrimination that is rampant in the American society. The Washington Post reported that Hollywood tends to come out with modern religious films that are full of drama.

The trend started with The Passion of the Christ that went on to make a business of over $600 million. The success of the Mel Gibson film saw films like Miracles from Heaven and God’s Not Dead 2.

Last Days in the Desert is one such religious films, but it deals with the issue differently. It deals with the struggles that Jesus had to go through and doesn’t get into the picture, the faith or belief of his followers.

Last Days in the Desert falls in the category of films that deal with religion with a light touch. Garcia has made it very clear while talking to the Atlantic magazine that he doesn’t care if Jesus is the Son of God or not. All he is interested in is that Jesus is a fictional character and that is what he deals with.