Trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 to be Revealed at The E3 2016, Game Comes with Three Playable Characters, Speculations Continue Regarding Its Release Date!

It has also come to light that the storyline of the upcoming game will be the final episode in the Dark Seeker saga. The game will see Sora go up against Xenahort for one final time. Some of the enemies that will be a part of the game will reportedly have the shape of vehicles.

Apparently, Sora will possess the capability to ride these vehicle-shaped enemies and by doing so, he will be able to fly and make huge jumps.

Just in the recent past, Hironori Okayama, the producer of the game dropped hints in an interview that some details regarding Kingdom Hearts 3 will indeed be released at the upcoming E3. Fans of the series have their eyes locked on the event, especially after such hints form the producer of the game itself.

Square Enix has reportedly come forward with an announcement in which the company revealed that the games that have been featured in the previously mentioned list does not contain all the games that the company is currently developing. Thus, fans have been speculating that there might be a glimmer of hope that the game will release within the ongoing year itself.

That being said, I indeed the game is unveiled in 2016, chances are high that itsPlayStation 4 version won’t be hitting the month before the oncoming year.

Stay tuned for more update on Kingdom Hearts 3.