Top 10 Gadgets of 2016

  1. NES Classic Edition: a small replica of the original Nintendo system. It includes 30 already installed classic games, such as PAC-MAN and Donkey Kong.


  1. PlayStation VR: lets you play PlayStation games in a virtual reality setting.


  1. DJI Mavic Pro: allows up to 27 minutes of flight at 40 miles-per-hour. It includes 5 cameras and a 4.3 mile transmission range.


  1. Amazon Echo Dot: Amazon’s product that uses Alexa voice service to do things for you, such as set alarms or even find answers to questions you have.


  1. Apple iPhone 7 Plus: a phone that features a 5.5 inch display. Its display is known for being bright and vivid, and the battery life is great.


  1. HTC Vive: a virtual reality experience that lets you play games in a 360 degree coverage.


  1. Apple Watch Series 2: a water-resistant watch that can go up to 50 meters underwater. It also has a built in GPS.


  1. Google Pixel: an easy phone to use that has been considered to be major competition to other phone models.


  1. Fujifilm X-T2: a camera that has fantastic auto-focus and digital features to help take better pictures.


  1. Anki Cozmo: a toy that allows you to see its ever-changing emotions with facial displays.