Tom Clancy’s The Division Released, Servers Buckle Under Pressure On Launch Day, Weird Glitch Allowing Players to Block Doors!

Another issue that fans are reporting is related to blocking of doors. A number of fans are complaining that if a player is standing at the entrance of a room, another player is not being able to pass through his avatar. Thus, the other player is having to wait till the blocking payer moves from the entrance to gain entry into the room.

However, they should be happy to know that this glitch could be overcome by a simple trick. Whenever a player is blocking the entrance to a room, another player will have to push him for more than three seconds. Doing so will enable him to pass through the blocking player.

This particular issue became the talk of the town when some unscrupulous fans tried to troll other players by taking advantage of this glitch. Apparently, these fans would block a doorway and then they would ask other players for a particular password via proximity chat before allowing them to pass through.

The developers are being blamed for incorporating flawed collision detection physics into the game which has led to this glitch. Luckily though there is a solution to this problem now and thus these unscrupulous fans will no longer be able to take advantage of it.

Stay tuned for more update on Tom Clancy’s Division.