Thor Ragnarok: Hulk Set to Get an Interesting Arc, Director Taika Waititi Opens Up About the Film!

Marvel Cinematic Universe are about heroes fighting the evil forces, but in spite of it all, there is an underlying layer of humor that adds a special charm to the films. Taika Waititi revealed that they are trying to do the same for Thor: Ragnarok. Work on introducing humor into the script is what they are currently focusing on.

There is a general belief that Marvel Studios has a lot of pressure on the director while working on a film and have a set of rules that they have to follow. Taika Waititi said that those are all rumors and working with Marvel is very easy since they have no preconceived notion about any aspect of the film.

The director is given complete control of their story. The only thing that Marvel is focused on is to make sure that the story is perfect and they will continue to break down and construct the story until and unless it works and is perfect. This is the secret behind the success of Marvel’s cinematic ventures. They go for the best and do not stop until that is delivered.

Taika Waititi has revealed that the work on the script is on and the film will start shooting in Australia later this year. It will see Chris Hemsworth come back as Thor with Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins as Loki and Odin respectively. There is a rumor that Kate Blanchett is going to be the villain.

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