This Century’s Biggest Oscars Heavyweights

The Aviator – 11 Nominations, 5 Wins

Just as The Revenant made its mark by getting DiCaprio his Oscar, The Aviator is perhaps best remembered as one of his near misses. But it was still a very memorable film that had its fingerprints all over the Oscars in 2005.

Hugo – 11 Nominations, 5 Wins

It may seem strange to remember it this way, but Hugo was actually one of the first major 3-D films, and perhaps the one that people got most excited about in the aftermath of Avatar. Both a family-friendly adventure and a celebration of vintage film-making conducted in the most modern manner, it was a fascinating project that was a bit of a feel-good story at the 2012 awards.

Life Of Pi – 11 Nominations, 4 Wins

Another project recognized largely for visual achievement, Life Of Pi succeeded in adapting a novel that many thought could never work on the big screen. The 11 nominations were certainly earned, as was Ang Lee’s Best Director award.

Now the question becomes whether or not any of the films we’ll see in the next three months can match the status and achievements of some of these!