In a new book, oxford research psychologists Kevin Dutton argues that psychopath are poised to perform well under pressure, they are assertive, they don’t procrastinate and they tend to focus on the positive.

Dutton also says that psychopaths don’t take things personally; they don’t beat themselves up if things go wrong, even if they’re to blame.

And they’re pretty cool under pressure. These are some of the findings of Kevin Dutton in his new book the wisdom of psychopaths: What Saints, Spies and Serial Killers Can teach us about Success.

He wrote, “When psychologists talk about psychopath, what we’re referring to are people who have a distinct set of personality characteristics, which include things like ruthlessness, fearlessness, mental toughness, charm, persuasiveness and a lack of conscience and empathy.

Imagine that you trick the box for all of those characteristics. You also happen to be violent and stupid. It’s not going to be long before you smack a bottle over someone’s head in a bar and get locked up for a long time in person.

But if you tick the box for all of those characteristics, and you happen to be intelligent and not naturally violent, then it’s a different story altogether. Then you’re more likely to make a killing in the business world rather than anywhere else.”