The Upcoming LG G4 Rumored to Sport a 5.6-inch Display, Late-2015 Release Expected!

Recently, LG announced a new high-end device known as the LG G4 Note. It will be released during the latter half of this year in order to compete with iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Currently, Apple and Samsung are totally dominating the market for phablets. However, it seems that LG will be soon entering the fray with their high-end phablet device.

According to the South Korean Electronics Giant, LG G4 Note phablet will be revealed soon enough. Reports indicate that it will be a highly premium device and is speculated to be on the same levels as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus. However, keep in mind that the LG G4 Note may not be the final name of this device. At the same time, the company has filed for a patent of this name, last month in South Korea.

According to popular rumors and speculations, the upcoming device will feature a curved 5.5-5.6 inch 3K display with a massive pixel density of 600ppi. So far, this is the highest pixel density recorded in any tablet or smartphone. The LG G4 is rumored to come with a more powerful 16 Megapixel sensor compared to the 13 megapixel snapper on its predecessor.

In order to appease the selfie fans, the device will have a wide-angle front camera. Similar to the predecessor, the back of this device will feature the same back-button setup along with a big camera lens. Dual-LED flash and autofocus are two of the features included. On the software aspect, the device will come with Android Lollipop out-of-the-box.  Speculations suggest that LG might be planning to invest heavily in the upcoming phablet’s selfie-acquiring capabilities.  This isn’t a surprise at all considering how smartphone users these days are crazy about it.

Keep in mind that LG isn’t an amateur in the phablet market. Earlier, they launched the Optimus G Pro in 2013 followed by the G Pro 2, a year later. However, they dropped this venture after it was clear that these devices were taking over the main flagship phone sales.