The Sims 4: Special Halloween Pack with Costumes, Removes Toddler Life Stage, Sims 5 in Doubt, And More News

It’s Halloween time on The Sims 4! The players can choose between a fairy, a ninja or a superhero of their choice as their costume for the Halloween. The latest pack introduced in The Sims 4 has brought out the Spooky Stuff until Halloween this year.

Some of the costumes that were brought out in the special pack were released on the official Twitter account of The Sims 4. The Sims could choose between spider web leggings, ripped leggings as well as boots and necklaces.

The players can also make their Sims take part in regular Halloween activity like carving out a pumpkin or throwing spooky Halloween themed parties. Apart of these activities, the Spooky Stuff pack also has decorative items that the Sims can use to decorate their homes for the Halloween parties that they are planning to throw for their friends.

The Sims can choose between cobwebs, cauldrons, ghostly photos and paintings as well as ghost displays for their special parties. Players have also informed that the Sims can also choose from broken furniture and dark blood-stained walls and floors as well.

Pumpkin carving, as we all know, is an essential traditional aspect of the Halloween and this aspect has been incorporated in The Sims 4 with the Spooky Stuff.

According to Tech Time, there is a gameplay where Sims can create a pumpkin carving station and carve out pumpkins to decorate in their homes with a candle. If you want, you can also make your Sim go out and smash the pumpkins that have been carved by others to spoil their festive spirit.

There is also a Spooky Candy Bowl that will open up new surprises as Sims put their hand inside it. This is a great thing to place in your Sim’s Halloween party and will surely win you some accolades and points.

If you want to include the Spooky Stuff in The Sims 4 then you have to shell out around $9.99. The pack is readily available on the Origin for those who already have The Sims 4. For those who don’t have The Sims 4 might be able to get the special pack from Amazon after a few days.

The Spooky Stuff pack is the only play players can add new costumes and items in The Sims 4. Another new update on the special pack lets the Sims take part in trick or treat where they can trick or treat their friends and enemies. The Sims are offered buffs depending on the interactions that they are involved with in the Halloween special pack.

Latinos Post has reported that the special elements introduced doesn’t stop with the decorations, costumes and the activities. The Sims can also create their very own recipes for the occasion of Halloween. With the special pack, they have the option of choosing between Zombie Cake, Eyeball Cheese Plate and Spooky Cookies.

Franchise Herald has reported that EA has informed that the costumes that are available in the Spooky Stuff aren’t only available until the Halloween. If a player wants, they can make their Sims wear their spooky Halloween costumes all year long.

The players can avail the Spooky Stuff pack from the 29th of September. For the pack to function without any glitch, the fans will have to have The Sims 4 game installed with all the updates. According to the International Business Times the Spooky Stuff expansion pack is going to work towards bettering the Sims’ social interaction and the Club features.