The Sandman: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks about the Movie, Harding Creates a Chess Set Based On the Comic Series!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has made it very clear that the film adaptation of The Sandman will not stick completely to the original story. Warner Bros has its hands full with a line of films in production and for The Sandman, the studio has decided to give the development of the film to New Line Cinema.

Warner Bros deals with more mainstream projects while it lets New Line Cinema deal with projects are that are a little different. Warner Bros deals with films like Wonder Woman and Aquaman, while it lets New Line deal with Swamp Thing.

Joseph Gordon Levitt for now has only been hyping the movie even though there has been nothing happening in the production front; and it looks like he has been doing a good job since the cinematic version of The Sandman has garnered a lot of interest. Avid fans of Neil Gaiman’s comic are waiting to see how Gordon-Levitt shapes the film.

There is another surprise for the fans of The Sandman. A collection of chess pieces based on Gaiman’s popular comic strip is now available. The set has been designed by Kevin Nowlan and shaped by Harding, who is the sculptor for DC Comics.

The chess set comprises of 32 pieces- the Sandman, Destiny, Death and the other members of the Endless. The news about the chess piece was first shared by Harding on Twitter, after which Neil Gaiman excitedly shared and posted it.

The Sandman chess set is available on Amazon for $300.