The Martian: Ridley Scott Opens Up, Scientific Backing for Some Unnatural Incidents, And More Information

Ridley Scott had a great team with Drew Goddard as the screenwriter and both of them worked hard to create a film that didn’t need to fall back on the character’s interpersonal relationships to survive.

There have been many other films that have had the protagonist all alone and most of them have gone on to become critically acclaimed.

Cast Away, 127 Hours, Wild, Gravity and now The Martian, makes the central character reveal themselves to the audience. The characters are made to communicate by way of a diary, a video log, flashbacks or phone calls in some instances.

Although Ridley Scott loved the story of being stranded in Mars, he makes it a point that he himself will never undertake such a journey. He said that since he has almost been on Mars, thanks to The Martian, he doesn’t need to go there for real.

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