The Latest Kardashian Adventures

The series debuted on 14th October, 2007 and has subsequently become one of the longest running reality shows. The show has received some criticism since its premiere because of the level of emphasis of “famous for being famous”, and for appearing to fabricate some aspects of its story line. E! News read that the KUWTK wasn’t filming as at the time of Kim’s recent robbery, if not the face of the men would have been caught on camera.

Kim Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, socialite, business woman and model, married to Kanye West with two kids. She first caught the media’s attention as a stylist and friend to Paris Hilton, but gained extensive notice after a 2003 sex tape with her former boy friend Ray J was leaked in 2007.

In recent years Kim K has developed a lot of online and social media presence, not excluding tens of millions of followers on twitter and instagram. As of 2016 she’s one of the top 10 most followed celebrities on instagram.

She has released a variety of products to her name, and Vogue also described her this year as a “pop culture phenomenon”.

Kim K is emotionally damaged recently after her horrifying robbery attack which happened in the early hours of Monday the 3rd of October, 2016. The Kardashian superstar was robbed at gun point in her secured Paris apartment by 5 gun men who made away with $10 million in jewels, including her 14 carat diamond engagement ring.

The superstar was tied up and gagged in her bathroom and managed to escape unharmed. Her bodyguard Paul Dauvier who wasn’t there at the time of her robbery claims it was an inside job. Kim K immediately called Kanye who was in NYC for a tour and afterwards left Paris on a flight to New York to meet her loving spouse. This attack left her shaken and it will take time for her to recover.