The Expendables 4: Rumors and Speculations Unveiled, Salman Khan, Jackie Chan and Manny Pacquiao May Not Join the Cast, And More

We already saw talented Bollywood actor Irfan Khan in the 2015 highly-celebrated movie, Jurassic Park. The bromance between Hollywood and Bollywood could have increased further if Salman Khan decided to play a role in the upcoming Expendables 4.

There were loads of rumors suggesting that Salman would be joining other new cast members like Hulk Hogan and Dwayne Johnson in the movie. The latter two actors have been rumored to be playing villainous roles in Expendables 4.

The hardcore Expendables 4 fans are excited waiting to see the union of eminent personalities from various backgrounds like Manny Pacquiao, Jackie Chan, the two wrestlers and this further include Bollywood actor, Salman Khan.

Sadly, this is where the bad news comes in. Word on the street is that Salman Khan has rejected the offer to be included in Expendables 4.

Movie Talkies reported that Salman has disclosed in a particular event that he has no interest whatsoever, of acting in Hollywood movies. According to Venture Capital Post, Salman said that he is very comfortable while speaking his dialogues in Hindi and working in India.

If he suddenly starts delivering dialogues in English, it would be a little weird for him and he would definitely try to avoid that.

Salman further admitted that actors in Bollywood do need to work hard, but they don’t need to work as hard as the Hollywood actors.

If he accepts the offer of playing in a Hollywood movie, he would need developing a whole new image for himself. Meanwhile, reports indicate that due to schedule restrictions, even Jackie Chan turned down Sly’s offer.

He clarified that if he does join the Expendables 4 cast, he wants to be a full-time character rather than just a cameo. However, with his ongoing schedule, he will have no time at all.  In other news, Variety reported that the all-star action-thriller Expendables 4 is all set for a shoot in 2016 and the final release in 2017.

Rumors indicate that it has a budgetary allocation of 100 million dollars. The upcoming movie is being directed by Avi Lerner and written by Dave Callaham. This movie will be built on the failures and successes of its last 3 predecessors.

The last movie was reported to be a major disappointment and Sylvester Stallone himself ended up acknowledging this.

Stallone revealed that bringing down the level of violence was a primary reason for this. Master Herald reported that violence was purposely reduced in order to bring in or more viewers. Sadly, this strategy backfired when Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ratings started dropping badly.

The Expendables movie franchise is famous all over the world since it features a cast full of the most popular badasses till date. The upcoming movie will feature Hulk Hogan, Dwayne Johnson and many more.

Presently, we already heard that Salman and Jackie Chan are not interested at the moment. Meanwhile, Manny Pacquiao cited his calendar as the limiting factor and later ended up distancing himself from the upcoming movie.

It is being expected that Stallone will further shop around for some more actors to join his all-star ensemble in Expendables 4.

This will of course, include eminent personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham. Everything presently indicates that the upcoming Expendables 4 will be a highly popular movie and also the most anticipated title in the franchise.

The 8-division boxing champion, Manny Pacquiao said that he won’t be able to be a part of the upcoming movie due to calendar restrictions. This report seems to be legitimate since Expendables 4 shooting will start next year and he has about scheduled during the same year.