Tesla Model X Is an Excellent Performer But Comes With a Steep Price Tag, More Details!

They delayed a lot but Tesla has finally revealed the Tesla Model X which is an all-electric SUV with a range of more than 250 miles for every charge. The car was actually focus-grouped and has been designed to appeal more to women since women buy 53% of all SUVs in the United States.

However, quite a few dads would like to disagree with that as they do love minivans. Meanwhile, there are some reasons why Tesla Model X is one of the best family cars available today and why you shouldn’t buy it now.

One of the most difficult engineering features about the Tesla Model X is what CEO Elon Musk calls the falcon-wing doors. These are something that you will notice in a science fiction movie and they are definitely here to pose as an attractive feature. They are quite practical and the double-hinged doors lift vertically while being packed with sensors.

As a result, they are no chances of getting them strung in case another car is crowding the queue. Furthermore, it excels as a family car since it’s much easier to get your kid inside it. You don’t need to physical exercise to do that. In the meantime, there are many SUVs which promise a third row but they are basically too small and narrow and hardly ever have enough room, even for people not to large on dimensions.

In the Tesla Model X, you get a full-sized third row and easy access beneath those spacious falcon wings. The Tesla Model X is an all-electric car; therefore you have no such things like transmission, engine or any other stuff to clutter the front of your vehicle.

The motor doesn’t occupy a lot of space and it can is tucked smoothly beneath the car, leaving a lot of room for two large storage areas, one of them located at each end. There are many SUVs that will make you choose between storage space and passenger seating.

In the Model X, you will notice strollers in the front bunk and also a large dog bed located at the back. On a single charge, the Model X churns out a 250-mile range and therefore, you can embark on a lot of long journeys without needing to make frequent stops. Furthermore, there are other benefits of driving an electric car.

You don’t need belt swaps, oil changes, hose checks or any other kind of standard maintenance procedures. The electric drivetrain and battery packs are located beneath the car. According to Tesla, it is recommended that you take a look once in a year and that should suffice. In case there’s a problem, the computers in the car can self-diagnose and download a software-fix when you’re sleeping, as stated by Tesla.

When it comes to safety reviews, Tesla scored highest among any SUVs on the road. Plus, it enjoys a low center of gravity since the battery packs and electric drivetrain are located beneath the car.

As a result, the car responds better on the road and there’s lesser tendency to tip, compared to other SUVs. It comes with automatic braking and steering in order to avoid side and front collisions. The SUV means a Sport Utility Vehicle and Tesla hasn’t cut back on ‘sports’ either. In the ludicrous mode, the Model X goes from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds.