Trump Blasts Union Boss, Chuck Jones

Last night, Donald trump on his twitter handle, addressed the union chief, Chuck Jones with disparaging tweets.
The union chief had beforehand criticizeed trump over an outrageous claim regarding carrier plant in Indiana. Jones had earlier this year, had a long discussion with Governor Mike pence on how to completely avert workers from losing their jobs at the Carrier plant.

Trump claimed to have helped secure the jobs of over a thousand workers at the plant,
The criticism did not go too well with the president-elect as he last night, blasted the representative on twitter.

Chuck jones had made an initial reference in respect to the december press conference held 9 days ago. He said Trump had lied about certain policies.
Furthermore, the president of the United Steelworkers 1999 said that the terms of the deal with carrier plant firm in Indiana were partly bogus and balderdash.
Taking a closer look at Donald’s last night’s tweet we all saw on wednessday, it would be convenient to say that Trump was clearly angered by these Comments.

In his tweets, He addressed Jones as a terrible representative.

“Chuck jones, who is president of united Steelworkers 1999, has done a terrible job representing workers”

The comment didn’t end there as he went further to say this

“No wonder companies flee

And an hour later Trump again tweeted this

“United Steelwokers 1999 was any good they would have kept those jobs in indiana, spend more time working-less time talking. Reduce dues.”

Few days ago, Jones specifically stated that contrary to Trump’s ideology; his terms and polices offered, would cost over 500 workers their jobs and that only 730 workers in the production section will be saved.

And so far so good, Randi Weingarten and other prominent, high-profiled US citizens shares the same view with Chuck Jones.

Randi Weingarten said,
“Chuck Jones was trying to save workers jobs while @realDonaldTrump was buying Chinese steel for his bldgs.”

Mayor of new York Mayor Bill De Blasio had this to say

“Sorry @realDonaldTrump. Unions like the Steelworkers, leaders like Chuck Jones are going to save this country from your anti-worker policies.”

However, Jones over the couple of hours have been receiving threatening tweets and messages from Trump supporters.
If the president-elect wants to duel with me, I’m very much prepared to fight this cause to the last, he reaffirmed.