TAG Heuer Connected: Tech-Specs and Prices Revealed, Compared to the Apple Watch, More Details

Unlike the Apple Watch, the TAG Heuer Connected is the perfect blend between classic Swiss watchmaking and modern smartwatches. The Connected is powered by Intel and measures 46.2mm x 12.8mm.

The device runs on Android Wear OS, is beefy and not meant for delicate wrists. Like the Apple Watch, the functionalities on the Connected are limited to a certain extent.

However, when compared to the Apple Watch, the Connected feels a lot more premium, thanks to its 155-year heritage of watchmaking. If you plan on making a statement, the TAG Heuer Connected is the way to go.

Some of the additional features of the TAG Heuer Connected is the sapphire crystal covered glass and extended battery life. TAG claims that the Connected can be used continuously for 24 hours with a single charge once a day using a simple dock.

Additional details regarding the TAG Heuer Connected is yet to be unveiled, and we will keep you updated as and when that happens. Stay tuned for additional news, reports and updates from the world of technology.

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