Sylvester Stallone Stops Real Fight While Filming Creed, Actor Throws Playful Jab at His Lookalike Companion!

If you are a true Rocky fan, you already know what Creed is all about. It will follow the life of Creed’s relative, who was the champion in the first Rocky installment. The relative is his grandson, Michael B. Jordon. He will be trained by Rocky himself in order to prepare him for the next world championship. Creed will end up being the seventh installment in the Rocky franchise. If everything goes smoothly, Creed will be shown in your nearby theater by 25th of November.

Meanwhile, the 68-year-old Sylvester Stallone was seen giving a playful jab to a lookalike pal while taking a stroll together, in Los Angeles. Obviously, the friendly jab had something to do with his pal wearing an identical check blazer along with loose fitting slacks.

The only difference between them was their shirts. While Sylvester Stallone chose a smart black number, his friend wore a crisp white variation along with a matching pocket square. The actor was excited and jubilant during his latest outing while continuing his work on Creed.

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