Suits Season 5: Aaron Korsh Reveals Secrets, Hints at Possible Suspects, Promises A Second Half Of The Season!

The midseason Suits Season 5 has shocked all the fans. Aaron Korsh has given the season a very interesting twist with Mike (Patrick J. Adams) getting arrested. The season had started with its main focus on Harvey (Gabriel Macht), but by the end of the mid season finale, the plot has taken a completely new angle.

With episode 10 of Suits Season 5 coming to an end, viewers are left speculating about who’s responsible for sending Mike behind bars for starting his career of false information. Aaron Korsh told The Hollywood Reporter that it can be anyone who could have leaked the information about Mike faking his Harvard law degree.

The creator of Suits Season 5 said that he had been thinking of bringing in an interesting twist to the season and this is what he finally zeroed down. He also said that he has been getting so many fan mails that he is shocked with the gratitude people have been showing and has promised them that they will not be disappointed when the mid-season premiere comes back.

There are a lot of speculations about who could be responsible for this turn in events and Aaron Korsh has given some interesting scoops by stating that it could be anyone. It might be an enemy of Mike’s who wants to see him in trouble, or a stranger who has no clue about Mike, or it might even be a very close friend who is going to back stab him.

The first suspicion goes towards Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) parents. The Zane’s were not very keen on Rachel marrying Mike, but they have given in to the proposal reluctantly. Now with the wedding on its way, the Zane’s had invited some high profile people for the occasion. There are rumors that Rachel’s parents found out from somewhere that Mike had got a fake degree from Harvard and they sent him to prison, before Rachel could marry him.

Daniel Hardman (David Constabile) is another potential candidate who is capable of tipping the federal agency about Mike’s past. Hardman has already thrown out Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) in Suits Season 5. If he finds out about Mike’s past, he will get the perfect motif to throw out both Mike and Harvey and get a better hold on Pearson Specter Litt law firm.

There is Claire Bowden (Torian Bellisario) from Mike’s past who is capable of making things bad for him. Claire had been in a relationship with Mike and was aware of the lie that he had spread about his law school. Claire might try to get Mike’s secret to go up the corporate ladder or she might even try to let the secret out to break Mike and Rachel’s engagement.

While Aaron Korsh hasn’t been forthcoming about who it is that has let out Mike’s secret, but he has confirmed that Rachel and Mike are going to withstand the test. In the end of Suits Season 4 Mike proposed to Rachel and she was already planning a grand wedding with the help of Donna.

The episode of Mike being taken into custody Rachel standing there helplessly and viewers are happy to know that she will stand by her fiancé and give him all the support he can. If it is Rachel’s parents who are responsible for Mike’s arrest then it will be interesting to see how she handles the situation.

While the viewers are hoping for the remaining episodes of Suits Season 5 to focus on finding out who is responsible for digging out Mike’s past and putting him into trouble, there are chances that Aaron Korsh will not head that way.

The creator of the popular series is not going to give the fans what they expect. He informed Franchise Herald that the upcoming episodes of Suits Season 5 are going to explore Mike’s story, where the focus shifts from Harvey.