Strict Rules Regarding Playstation Neo Imposed By Sony, Rumors and Expectations Involving the Upcoming Console Discussed!

Sony will not divide its PlayStation users. After news regarding the rumored release of the upgraded console, PlayStation 4.5 surfaced online, the company has decided to impose strict rules on the game developers. This console presently goes by the name of PlayStation Neo. Several rumors suggest that this console will be revealed in October.

Meanwhile, Sony Executives want the game developers to follow strict rules while developing games for PlayStation 4.5. The existence of this particular console is yet to be confirmed by the game developer but according to Daily Star, it has already given the guidelines for game developers.

In these rules, you will find that Sony has told developers that the games they will create for PS Neo must also work on the present generation PlayStation 4.

The upgraded console will work with the currently available Dual Shock 4 controllers and Sony doesn’t have any plans of releasing unique hardware or accessories for the PlayStation Neo.

The new console will come with advanced and improved computer chips due. As a result, they graphics will be visually more advanced when compared to the PS4. However, gamers will be able to save their games cross-platform and at the same time, play them in the lower version.

If a player owns a game on PS4, he should be able to save the game and use it on PS 4.5, without losing any kind of data. Meanwhile, Sony rules about co-existence should also apply to games that have online features.

Moreover, there shouldn’t be a separate server that is dedicated to PS Neo gamers only. Eurogamer has posted a complete detailing of the rules imposed by Sony. The game developers must follow these rules for all titles that release on October this year.

There is a strong buzz on the internet about PS Neo’s imminent release during the last quarter of 2016. Plans for Sony’s PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) headset have been confirmed and fans are already expecting it to be revealed in October for the PS Neo. Additional details about PlayStation Neo will be revealed in the E3 event of June.

For a long time, a life -span of five to seven years was enjoyed by a typical console and after that, it was sent to purgatory by its successor. According to the latest reports, there will be a change regarding this issue.

Microsoft and Sony are presently talking about introducing new platforms. You should note it hasn’t been four years since our present generation gaming consoles, Microsoft Xbox One, and PlayStation Neo were released.

Considering the rumors that were first released by Kotaku and Eurogamer, reports emerged from Wall Street Journal that a new console from Sony is on the way and it will have the ability to handle higher-end gaming experiences.

This console will be unique and distinct from Sony’s virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR. The latter is presently scheduled to release during fall 2016. However, you need to keep in mind that owning a PlayStation 4 console is necessary for enjoying PlayStation VR.

The upcoming version of PlayStation is currently going by many different names like PS4K, PS4.5 and, PS Neo.  This console will include enhanced power and graphics and PS VR support. At the same time, Sony will keep producing the current generation PlayStation console.

Thankfully, this doesn’t turn the upcoming console into a replacement for the PS4. Instead, it serves as an addition to the existing portfolio.

Popular expectations suggest that we will get an announcement in E3 and the console will be released late summer or early fall. Hence, the official timeline for announcement and availability is presently shrouded in mystery.