The Steelers continue streak defeating New York Giants

The New York Giants faced the Pittsburgh Steelers today at Heinz Field. Two iconic quarterbacks selected in the same draft class took the field for their respective sides. Drafted 1st overall by the San Diego Chargers, Eli Manning faced 11th overall pick, Ben Roethlisberger. Falling short of the built up hype, an absent-minded Giants team had their six-game win streak snapped by a hungry Steelers team.

Ben Roethlisberger Opened up the game with a pretty solid start. In the first half, he would go 17 for 24 with 204 yards and throw for a touchdown. Big Ben finished the game throwing two touchdowns and also a pick as he went 24 for 36 and 289 yards. The Steelers rolled over the Giants 24-14.

Adding to the teams’ success, Le’Veon Bell had a monster game running away with 182 total yards. Ladarius Green also had a record game. Greens six catches for 110 yards and a touchdown helped Big Ben go to 3-1 against Eli Manning.

A tough Steelers defense also came to play today. An uncomfortable Eli Manning was dominated throughout. They kept the G-Men scoreless through the first half, forcing the start of each possession the Giants had to within their own 30-yard line. The Defense also limited the Giants to just five first downs during the first half while forcing a safety with just over three minutes left in the first quarter.

Seemingly in a funk, Eli Manning just couldn’t get the ball rolling today because of a stingy Steelers defense.  As a result, he ended up throwing two interceptions and missing some key opportunities. Manning ended the game going 24 for 39 and throwing for 197 yards. Hope for a victory became diminished, therefore Manning was able to get some easy yards on late game passes. An unsatisfactory performance was padded a little because of a late touchdown to Sterling Shepard.

Even after a loss to Pittsburgh, the Giants still control their playoff destiny. Ahead of Washington, Minnesota, and Green Bay in the Wild Card race, New York holds the fifth seed. All three teams have beaten the Giants this year yet Big Blue is in the drivers’ seat. Next week in Dallas will prove to be one of the Giants’ most important games.

With their win at home, the Steelers inch closer to a playoff spot. Only a game behind Denver for a Wild Card spot, the Steelers are tied with Miami at 7-5. If the Steelers continue to win they could very well find themselves in the playoffs.