Steam: Revamps Network Infrastructure with 100Gbps Internet Ports, Steam Winter Sale Turns Out to Be a Huge Success!

The discovery queue was a major addition to the latest edition of Winter sale on Steam. The discovery queue basically provided users with suggestions of other games that they might find interesting, based on the games that are currently present in their library.

Users had the chance to win up to three holiday sale trading cards by browsing through their discovery queue. This resulted in users taking notice of several games that would have otherwise gone unnoticed if not for the discovery queue and it led to a surge in the sales these lesser known games which ultimately benefited the company.

The alternate reality game that was included in the Winter sale of Steam had disappointed many fans. A Steam badge with the title of Red Herring was all that fans could unearth after following a breadcrumb trail.

Apparently, this did not go down well with a subreddit by the name of Steam Detectives that is dedicated towards unearthing Valveā€™s secrets. The Redditorsreportedly sent a package full of fish to Valve and they even posted a video on the internet which showed some Valve employees opening the package. It looks like the Redditors managed to exact some sort of revenge on Valve after being duped by the company!

Stay tuned for more update on Steam.