Sony Xperia X Is a Mid-Range Performer at A Very High Price-Tag, Will It Replace the Sony Xperia Z Series? Let’s See

Tech Experts are not sure as to what kind of a market is being targeted by the Sony Xperia X. It is packed with the latest Sony components. You have a screen with Bravia technology, high-resolution audio and a DSLR team that worked along with the smartphone people in order to bring out an exciting specifications list.

People have been eagerly waiting for the release of Sony Xperia Z6, the upcoming flagship from Sony stables. As a result, with the Xperia X, people are wondering whether it is a new device or just a side range, sitting alongside the Xperia Z devices.

This device is priced around 459 pounds in the UK and US $660 in Australia. The phone doesn’t exactly come with flagship specifications but it is certainly more than what people were expecting. According to the spec-sheet, it has a 5inch Full-HD display, making use of the same industrial design, featured in earlier handsets.

The front glass is sturdy and has been curved at the edges. The back is made up of metal. The sides are plastic but folds properly into the chassis. In the end, it is a sad effort since Sony was supposed to turn it all around with this release. They were supposed to showcase a new and fresh design that would actually appeal to consumers.

You will find a familiar power button on the side but the phone is not water-resistant. It doesn’t come with any flaps to cover the charging port. With the 5inch form factor, the phone is quite vivid and sharp but at the same time. The display however, is not comparable with the beautiful edge-to-edge display seen on the Xperia XA.

On top of that, the latter is priced lower than the Xperia X. Under the hood, you have a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor. With 3GB of RAM, the phone should be a decent performer while not being too harsh on the battery as well.

The 23MP camera is brilliant, even better than the Z5 and comes with Predictive Hybrid Autofocus. People will love the fact that this device supports a microSD card as well.

Meanwhile, the Sony Xperia X and XA pre-order prices are pretty high, considering the specs that were revealed during MWC this year. The Xperia X has 5inch display, a 13 megapixel front camera, a 23 megapixel rear shooter with autofocus and runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0. Under the hood, it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

These specs are certainly lower than other rival flagship specs around this time. The Xperia XA is half the price of X, available at 239.99 pounds in UK. This device is expected to release on 10th June this year. It has a 13-megapixel rear camera, a 8 megapixel front camera, 720p 5inch edge-to-edge display and runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0.

The Xperia X can be pre-ordered in black and pink while the XA can be pre-ordered in white, black and lime green. You should understand that this is simply provisional pricing and the retail-price could drop further.

With the Xperia XA, Xperia X and Xperia Performance announced in the Mobile World Congress, people are wondering from where they can buy these devices. Sony is yet to reveal whether these devices will replace the Xperia Z but with high-end specs, all of them are decent performers.

However, the Xperia X Performance will not be readily available in the United Kingdom. However, Sony declared that it will permit third-party retailers to keep it stocked in the UK. As a result, you could probably end up buying it soon.  Xperia A can be pre-ordered from the Sony website, at a price of 459 pounds. The Xperia XA can be pre-ordered at £239.