Sony PS4 Slim Review

Perhaps the most significant improvement isn’t inside the system itself yet in the recently changed Dual-Shock 4 that is incorporated into the box. Another light strip installed in the touch panel, the color and brightness of the outward-confronting light bar at the top of the controller making it easier to see. The more down to earth new feature is the support for controller data being sent over USB straightforwardly to the system when it’s connected to instead of always using the wireless. This facilitates genuine, wired performance, providing better response times that fighting amusement players in particular will appreciate. It’s important however that these new controllers will supplant the old ones on store so you don’t have to buy another PS4 to get one, also the new USB connection feature will work on original model PS4 as well.

Generally the new PlayStation 4 gets the job done yet doesn’t make any significant improvements on its predecessor. It’s very little smaller or all around ventilated and its absence of an optical audio-out port pretty much forces new PlayStation 4 buyers who need to play with their high-end audio equipment to either hunt down an original unit or sit tight for the PS4 Pro and spend the additional money on the off chance that they need to make use of high-end headphones. There are unquestionably no enormous reasons to trade in your existing PS4 for this one, unless you’re extremely worried about the noise created by the disk drive.