Sister Wives Season 7 Rumors, Updates and Spoilers, Things to Expect from the Upcoming Emotional Roller Coaster of a Season!

The Sister Wives Season 7 premiere is coming soon but rumors indicate that TLC’s polygamist family, the Browns, are simply pretending to be happy and unified for the show but in reality, the entire family is already a mess.

Before Sister Wives Season 7 premiere during this May, Kodi Brown and Meri were actually planning for reconciliation. Recently, the couple celebrated their 26th anniversary by going on a road trip with some of their children, as revealed by Fashion & Style. In the previous season of Sister Wives, Meri Brown was part of a catfish scandal but the couple appeared quite happy during the road trip.

Some selfies of their concert experience were further shared by Meri and it was further a part of their anniversary celebration. Their anniversary was celebrated weeks before the Season 7 premiere of Sister Wives.

It happened in spite of the fact that the couple had ended their legal marriage in 2014. Their marriage was given up by Meri in order to give way to her sister Robyn, who is Kody’s fourth wife, along with their children.

The Browns and their polygamous setup continue and Season 7 star Meri remains spiritually married to Kody. The couple is also living together so an anniversary celebration does sound appropriate, as noted by Vine Report.

The Browns might look happy and satisfied with their current family setup but Kendra Pollard-Parra, Robyn Brown’s former friend, recently dropped a major bombshell. According to this person, the family is constantly involved in fights.

She also claimed that Browns were simply pretending to be a family but in reality, they are actually breaking apart.  Touch Weekly was told by Pollard-Parra that the family is actually worse than ever and they keep arguing from time to time.

She said, “They pretend to be happy for the show, but the family is a mess.” Meanwhile, Pollard-Parra further revealed that Kody Brown, the Sister Wives Season 7 patriarch is actually looking for a fifth wife.

According to a previous report, she admitted that Kody even asked her to be a wife in front of Robyn. Pollard-Parra said, “The first time he met me, he said, “you’re so pretty! I’m looking for another wife!”4

According to her, Robyn was laughing but she was grossed out by it. She also said, “He’ll most likely drop one of the other wives. Kody’s main goal is to keep the series going and to make money. He’s a snake.” Meanwhile, Season 7 of Sister Wives will premiere on 8th May at 8pm on TLC.

There are certain things that you can expect from Season 7 of Sister Wives. There will be the birth of a new life. The Brown family went through many ups and downs and this includes Kody’s legal wedding to his fourth wife Robyn along with the lengthy adoption procedure of Robyn’s children from her previous marriage.

The polygamous family will enjoy some moments of love during this season since they welcomed Ariella Mae, Kody and Roby’s youngest daughter. However, one daughter is spreading joy in her family but another daughter, Mariah is having certain issues wither mother Meri.

According to her, Meri wants to ask her certain deep questions and she is not at all happy about it. In the meantime, Meri is not happy with Kody and the family should finally clear this issue out in Season 7.

During the presence of all the other sister wives in the promo episode, Meri directly told her husband that there were times when she was really angry with Kody. In this entire emotional drama, Janelle senses a sign of manipulation.