Sia Talks about Meeting with Rihanna Regarding Her Upcoming ‘Anti’ Album, ‘Reaper’ with Kanye West Was Recently Revealed!

Adele is the one you should listen to when you are looking for singing advice. The powerhouse singer and songwriter Sia helped Adele write her album 25 but even she seeks help whenever necessary from the British Songstress.

The Chandelier singer appeared on the Graham Norton show and talked about the difficulty of performing vocally demanding songs. Both she and Adele are highly known for performing such songs.

She talked about the difficulty regarding these songs while she was on tour, night after night. She admitted that Adele gave her a great tip.

She revealed that whenever it is difficult for you to hit a high note, all you need to do is go ‘la la la’. After saying that, she mimed it as if she was directing a microphone to the audience.

There are high chances that the audience is probably singing along with you so it would be great to let them handle the high notes. It does sound like a pretty brilliant idea.

Sia added that she was like “…there’s a reason she has 80 million dollars” Adele’s tour kicks off in February 2016 so keep your ears open to catch her using this sneaky strategy!

Anticipation regarding Rihanna’s eighth studio album, Anti, keeps mounting. In the meantime, Sia explained in a new interview about how she shared some songs recently with the singer, for the set.

While talking to BBC Radio 2’s Jo Whiley, Sia stated, “The other night she came over and listened to half of 25 songs I played her because she’s still looking for songs for her new album,” “She was there to listen to songs and see if there was anything that she was into. It was a business meeting for sure.

She took four but I don’t know if they’ll end up [on the album].”​ In the first half of the year, we saw Rihanna dropping a lot of singles and people thought it hinted that the new album was on the way.

Sadly, in reality, that wasn’t the case at all. However, the release seemed imminent as the album’s ANTIdiary website was launched last month and she also announced the announced the ANTI world tour with Travi$ Scott, Big Sean and the Weeknd.

We all know that no one has the power to invoke intrigue like Australian Singer Sia Furler. She has a mystical aura about her and her voice is nothing short of stellar. On 18th December, the Chandelier singer turned 40. However, why isn’t she too fond of revealing her face?

For example, Sia decided to go on stage with her back to the audience during her performance at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, which took place earlier this year.

There are more examples of similar occurrences where the singer deliberately tried to stay away from the cameras.  Sia has an excellent voice but people wonder why she tries to keep her face hidden from the public.

She garnered a lot of accolades from around the globe with blockbuster tracks like Chandelier and Elastic Heart. However, during an interview with New York Times last year, Sia revealed that it is horrible and she just wanted to have a private life.

She further disclosed an incident when she was once talking to her friend who had just revealed to her that she was suffering from cancer.To her great dismay, she was interrupted by a fan right at that very moment and was insisted on taking a photo. At the same time, she refused to be featured on the cover of Chandelier and Billboard Magazine.