Selena Gomez Still Close to Bieber’s Mom, Talks About Revival!

Selena Gomez has said that she is very involved with Revival and the album along with the upcoming tour is taking away all her time. She is well aware about how disappointed her fans had been when she cancelled the last tour and is making sure that her fans meet with all their expectation when she is on tour for Revival.

Revival, her upcoming album, is a portrayal of her journey. The break up with Justin Bieber devastated her completely and she was sinking when it came to even her career. However, the singer decided to get a grip on herself and step up to give a new dimension to her life. Revival, her new album is all about this journey to a new start and she is very attached to it.

Justin Bieber had recently blamed Selena Gomez for the relationship and said that it was tough being in a relationship with Gomez. They were young and they went ahead too far with the relationship too soon and hence it didn’t work out.

Justin Bieber’s new single Sorry is rumored to have been intended for Selena Gomez. The previous single had trashed Gomez and it is believed that Justin Bieber felt bad about being so insensitive about her feelings and hence worked on this single.

Selena Gomez’s reaction to Justin Bieber’s post on Instagram has been rather interesting. Gomez and Justin seemed to be posting in response to each other’s post on the platform and it was very interesting for their fans.

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